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Shift 6-Day Experience

It's Time To Make The Shift with Our 6-Day Experience

The 6-Day Experience provides all the benefits of Shift, our extract activated brainfood coffee, in easy-to-travel, convenient six-day starter kit that provides single serving does of focus, clarity, and mood enhancement. Each single size serving of Shift has been known to help:

  • Reduce anxiety
  • Increase attention
  • Increase focus
  • Improve mood and sleep
  • Suppress appetite
  • Support healthy weight loss
  • Increase motivation
  • Boost memory
  • Balance Cortisol levels
  • Aid with production of Dopamine and Serotonin

Our coffee is not your typical coffee. (Hint: It’s better.)


  • Alpha GPC
  • PEA (Phenylethylamine)
  • L-Theanine


Mix I package with 8-12 oz cold or hot water. It may take up to 3-5 days to feel effects.

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