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The Living10 3-Step System

All of the Living10 products, when taken separately, have incredible lifelong health benefits! But, when taken together in The 3 Step Daily System, the results can be magical!

Step 1 : SHIFT

(When Your Wake Up)

When you wake up, you will begin to feed your brain with the brainfood that it needs to start your day the right way. Infused in an all-natural Colombian roast coffee, Shift is a brainfood designed to increase focus, boost motivation, and works actively to put you in a good mood. Start every morning with Shift and Make a shift in your life!


Lift Tropical

Step 2 : LIFT


With Lift, it is time for your second dose of brainfood. Lift is designed to enhance your mental clarity, boost your brain function, and bring blood flow back to your brain. Think clearer and feel better after you experience this second step to our 3 step daily system. Lift is infused with a delicious extract activated juice. Drink Lift and give yourself a mid-day Lift.

Step 3 : DRIFT

(Before Bed)

Drift is a non-habit forming, all natural sleep formula designed to promote deep and restorative sleep. During REM sleep, our bodies can powerfully heal and rebuild. Drift is designed to not only help you fall asleep, but guide you into that restorative REM sleep zone. Take Drift at night, restore your mind, and start to Drift off!.


Six-Day Experience - Drift

Six-Day Experience : SHIFT

(Perfect for On-the-Go)

Shift 6-Day Experience packages the same extract-activated coffee brainfood into single-serving, on-the-go packages that easily fit into a gym bag, backpack, or schoolbag. Now you can quickly grab some energy, clarity, and focus, all while balancing your cortisol levels, wherever your morning takes you...or throughout the day for that matter!

Make a Shift. Lift up your life. Drift off.

All of the Living10 products, when taken separately, have incredible lifelong health benefits! But, when taken together in The 3 Step Daily System, the results can be magical!

Special Shift/Drift Bundle


Danielle L.

I'm a working mom with twins barely having any energy to stay awake. I wasn't finding much happiness in life at times. Then the Shift happened. I started drinking this amazing brainfood daily! It changed me in a week! I have more energy and focus all day with determination I've never had before and no crash! I feel so much happier and have a positive attitude. I just all around feel better! I was shocked to see results so quick.

John M.

I was an intense caffeine drinker. I would drink 2-3 large cups of coffee a day along with 1-3 energy drinks just to keep me moving. I knew it was bad, but I did it because I felt like I didn't have energy without them! I decided to try Shift and wow! I cannot believe how little caffeine I have put in my body and just how focused and determined I feel throughout the entire day! I have even had to tighten my belt a couple of notches! I am a Shift drinker for life.

Myrlis C.

As a Mom, I woke up several times during the night to nurse my son. I am typically exhausted. I used to just drink coffee, but I still felt tired and unable to think clearly. I was looking for a natural way improve my mood and energy levels. I am pleasantly surprised after drinking Shift! I am able to focus and be in a great mood. I don't get any jitters and it has even helped with my PMS. I make mine with almond milk and cinnamon on top!

Lyndee B.

I am a single mom of 3, o full time student in a masters program, own a salon, and om in the Air Force Reserves. Finding energy throughout the day was hard. Not anymore! Since I started drinking Shift, I no longer live from one caffeine drink to the next! I haven't touched soda, energy drinks, or eaten a single espresso bean. With this brainfood I feel like I'm living my best life now. I feel happy and present for my kids, my schoolwork, my business, and my country.

Matt M.

I run my own business while working full-time on the side. I start my day around 4am and sometimes don't finish until 10pm. I'm always looking to having more focus and energy throughout the day. Since drinking Shift I've never felt so great from the start of the day until the end of the day. I can think clearly without a crash during the day. I'm a firm believer in Shift and incredibly thankful.


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