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We are best friends, sisters, and Moms! Being Moms and creating something  that is designed to give people the ability to feel great, dream big or small, and help them find purpose was not easy. We never wanted to come across as salesy, pushy, or over promotional. If we are developing great products, the product experience would speak for itself.

But the one thing that was absolutely clear -- we could not do this alone. We needed proven professionals that had built some of the companies we respected the most, and had developed the products that we had admired the most. We now have a team of executives and strategists that share our vision, will foster our ideas, yet bring professionalism and wisdom to those critical moments that define a company and its culture. We needed pros and now we have them!

In this way we have already been blessed. That starts with having a father, Jim Powers, that is one of the leading dietary supplement experts in the country and had developed thousands of effective nutraceutical formulations throughout his career.

Then we were connected to Jake Kevorkian, a true legend in network marketing for a wide array of reasons. But what we loved about Jake was his belief that not everyone wants to join a company to pursue a 5 figure monthly income. Some simply want to work with and for a company that has great products, provides them flexibility in their work life, and provides a scalable opportunity to set their income level by their own goals -- not just those of the company. Jake's mentoring has been, and will continue to be, extraordinary to our growth as executive and as a company.


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Lacey Nevin

Jason Nevin

Jim Powers

Jake Kevorkian


Larry & Taylor Thompson


Jessica & Ray Higdon


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