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Shift Brainfood Coffee

Make a Shift. Lift up your life. Drift off.

Every day can look different for every person. Some of the things we all share in common is that we wake up and we go to sleep. Our Shift, Lift, and Drift system has already changed so many lives, and now it can change yours!

Step one: Shift.

Begin to feed your brain with the brainfood that it needs to start your day the right way. Infused in an all-natural Colombian roast coffee, Shift is a brainfood created to increase focus, boost motivation, and works actively to put you in a good mood. Start every morning with Shift and Make a shift in your life!

Step two: Lift.

Lift is designed to enhance your mental clarity and bring blood flow back to your brain. Infused into a delicious extract activated juice. Drink Lift around midday and Lift up your life.

Step three: Drift.

Drift is a non-habit forming, all natural sleep formula designed to promote deep and restorative sleep. During REM sleep, our bodies can powerfully heal and rebuild. Drift is designed to not only help you fall asleep, but guide you into that restorative REM sleep zone. Take Drift at night, restore your mind, and start to Drift off!

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