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Two Sisters. An Expert Formulating Father. One Shared Vision..

We are as close as sisters can get. We do everything together; that includes having babies!

Having our daughters only 5 months apart from each other, we have been side by side going through the ups and the downs of motherhood. (Mostly ups) We found ourselves tired, lethargic, and what we could only describe as “stuck in a funk.” We knew we weren’t feeling our best every day like we should, so we went to our Dad for help. Our dad, Jim Powers, has owned a manufacturing facility for 20 years that creates premium nutritional supplements to enhance performance. If his products could help top athletes perform at their best, we were sure he could create something that could help moms feel their best!

Make a Shift. Lift up your life. Drift off.

All of the Living10 products, when taken separately, have incredible lifelong health benefits! But, when taken together in The 3 Step Daily System, the results can be magical!

Dad went to work. Dad found a way to infuse powerful brainfood into a coffee so that Alyssa and I could do what we do every morning; drink coffee! Dad infused brainfood into a refreshing tropical juice for us midday as our second brainfood dose. And, he created an all natural, restorative healing sleep formula. Shift, Lift, and Drift were created. We had some friends who wanted to try it for themselves and their friends had friends who wanted this daily system. Just like that, Living10 was born.


Step 1 : SHIFT
(When You Wake) 

Extract-activated coffee brainfood that'll turn your morning cup of joe into higher energy, greater clarity, more focus, and an overall better mood.

Step 2 : LIFT

Start your day with a boost of brainfood juice, this tasty tropical extract will provide you with sustained energy, increased clarity, sharper focus, and mood enhancement.

Step 3 : DRIFT
(Before Bed)

An all-natural sleep support formula designed to promote deep and restorative sleep that optimizes your body’s recovering capabilities so you wake up fresh.


From Our Family To Yours

Alyssa and Lacey are sisters, best friends, and founders of Living10. In order to keep up with their careers and new families, they went to their Dad, Jim Powers, and asked him to help them feel their best every day. Jim has been a Master Formulator and Manufacturer of high quality performance based Nutritional Supplements for over 20 years. Their Dad went to work and hand selected only the best ingredients for his daughters. He intentionally created a life-changing daily system that, at the time, was exclusively made for Alyssa and Lacey… Until now! Jim created a system that no matter where the girls were or what they were doing, they could always complete each step. We all live busy lives. Some of the things we all share in common is that we wake up and we go to sleep. Our Shift, Lift, and Drift system has already changed so many lives, and now it can change yours!

Jim only uses the best ingredients and the most advanced technology for his daughters. His Nutrient Suspension Technology, or N.S.T. is only available here at Living10. Shift, Lift, and Drift towards your best life. Live your 10 Life with Living10.


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